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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Q.Eli is Triple Sexy!

Singer, Model, and Porn Star! Quentin Elias is so so so hot and he has some of the nicest DSL's (dick sucking lips) I have ever seen in my life. Please check him out here: Quentin Elias.

Hopefully these sexy NUDE pictures of the hotness that is Q will work! ENJOY!
Q1 - Q2 - Q3 !!!

UPDATE: Check This Out - Quentin Elias on Lickalish

Posted by Skittles

*Here is a gift from Peaches (Don't say I never gave your ass nothing)! If you like me, these hot ass pics made you long for the video. Well it is located on Randy Blue for a fee and gas ain't that cheap yet. So i found it another way. The quality maybe okay, but you still get to see that good good. So click here for the video and if you balling like that, check out this and another on

Posted By: Peaches!