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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Just A Reminder: Harry Potter Finally Hits Theaters Tomorrow!!

OMG! After waiting almost a year for the next installment of the hotness that is the Harry Potter Series, we finally get our fix on July 15th...... in 24hrs! For the hardcore fans that want to experience it in IMAX3D, you will have to wait until the 29th (mainly because the new Transformers movie is hogging up the screens right now) unless you're in Mexico, India, or Scotland which show both versions on the 17th. All I know is this one better make me have triple orgasms for waiting so long. If you haven't crawled out under a rock to visit the site yet, do it here:
Oh, and if anyone has any up to date info on the Harry Potter Experience opening in Orlando in 2010, leave a comment cuz this is all I could find!: UniversalOrlando


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