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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Tatted Up: Janet on Dupri????

I just have one question for you J.Dupri!! Well, a few actually.....
Why?? Why you would you tattoo Janet on your side fat? Isn't it enough to have one of the sexiest black women all to yourself? Couldn't you just have her name or a small thumbnail pic of her on your arm?? I hope you two last forever and a day but what happens if you two break-up?? There is no way you can change that image into something else. Speaking of image, why does she look like a sexy earth mother or a sexy nun praying?? I'm sure you could have found a better pose of her to have forever inked on you! Do you think she likes it?? I just couldn't see me doing that for anyone unless it was my child, my parents, or of a significant other (if they died and I wasn't going to get with anyone else ever again). What do you think???

Posted by Skittles