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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fcukary of the Year: Father Leaves Kids in Car with Drugs!

I came home worn out from a night of work and turned on the TV to see this fcukary on Channel 4 News. "Tanelius Pennington left a toddler and a 6-month-old in the car while he went shopping at a Winn Dixie on the Southside in the middle of the day.Other shoppers noticed the children, became concerned for their welfare and flagged down officers.Police said during their investigation, marijuana, cocaine and pills were all found in the car within arms reach of the children. That's because, according to police, Pennington was selling drugs from the car." What the hell? But to make it worst, when police arrived, he took off leaving the kids and now on the run. But it doesn't end there, he took to time to call two friends and the mother to call in a false stolen car report to make it look like he wasn't with the kids. Now her ass and friends are in jail and the poor kids are in Children Services. Situations like this make me soo pissed because If me and Skittles wanted to have children, the state won't allow it, but this bitches can have kids and fcuk it up! red the whole story after the break.Read the whole fcukary at News 4 Jax.

Posted By: Peaches!