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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Why I Love The Ville!: Faith Jewelers!

Jacksonville Jeweler "Faith Jewelers", gave away 900 pieces of diamond and pearl jewelry to anyone who lost their job or home for Mother's Day. They know people were struggling and decided that on Thursday & Friday to give away 200 $100 pieces of jewelry to give them hope and show they care. Well when the amount of people exceeded 200, they called suppliers and provided more jewelry to help all who came. They helped bring hope to 900 people with strings attached. All you needed to do is bring proof of your foreclosure or unemployment with a ID. It is soo crazy to me that a small local jewelry store gives $90,000 away with no plan of getting it back or no loops and restrictions, but a mutli-billion dollar global fast food chain can't give away $2.99 meals right. Maybe because Faith Jewelers did something from the heart and out of pure caring and KFC for backfired greed. President Obama said we as a Nation needed to pull our boot straps up to make it through this economy and apparently some have more boots than others, but don't mind giving then away! Read the whole story at the Florida Times Union.

Posted By: Peaches!