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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hold it Bitch!

I am soo pissed right now after watching the Amazing Race! My team to beat and fav for the million was Keisha & Jen. Not just because they are two strong black sistahs, but because unlike most of the others, they came to win and have no other BS to hold them back. Their whole battle with Luke & Mom made a victory for them even sweeter. Even though during the swimming challenge, they had me hot when they was ready to give up, I let it go because even the greats have to be low to make the win. But that last episode before the final got me hot as hell. One I can't hate on Tammy & Victor for U-turning them, I would too cause them bitches can run. Two Jen got a little too cocky by not tearing up that "Critter" platter as soon as she saw those "Cheerwhores" (which I want to know how the hell do you live in Miami and can't deal with people who speak different languages, they should have killed themselves after arriving at Dolphin stadium!) because she thought they wouldn't do it. Jen, it's called the "Amazing" Race and people do some crazy shit for a million dollars. And three, the most troubling, I understand you had to peed and after watching you drink all that water I had to too. But I held that shit to watch the rest of the show and I ain't getting shit for it, you will get the chance at a million. You should have passed the toilet and squat on that mat in front of Phil as team 3. He would have understand, there isn't rule yet against I'm sure. Hell if that was too much, you should have just ran and peed, it's a race, we could have thought you were sweaty or a water bottle is leaking. The most important thing was you making on the mat as 3rd, but now your 4th and home and I have to cheer on Tammy & Victor and endure Luke "Deaf Queen" & "Psycho Bitch" Mom gloat on how they are free of you and the "Cheerwhores" set American International Relations back to the stone age! Now I am going to pee!

Posted By: Peaches!