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Friday, May 1, 2009

AbFab Sweetie Darling!!??

Oh my gosh darlings!!! I know most of you may know about this show already, but if not then you have been missing out! Peaches just introduced me to this throwback show (1992-2005) and I am loving every minute of it. ABFAB is mainly about two best friends (Edina & Patsy) and their day to day lives of trying to be FABULOUS while dealing with their crazy families and friends, hectically non hectic work schedules, and countless wine and smoke breaks. Eventhough this is a british show (sometimes a turn off from not being able to clearly understand what they are saying), it totally changed my views about BBC shows entirely. Please rent or watch the shows online and you shouldn't be dissapointed. If you don't catch any of the old episode then don't worry.... FOX is remaking the show for the U.S. in FALL 2009.
Click and red letters above to go to the website and watch a tribute clip below.

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