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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dick Day!

Yesterday was a fcuked up day at first, but after the a-a-alcohol I forgot most of it. But I do remeber the reason for the alcohol and my new stress release day. A great friend of me and Skittles introduced me to Dick Day, and no it's not that ya nasty(even though I thought that at first too)! It a day when someone you really care about pretty much becomes a dick and fcuks up your day with their bull. So instead of crying or getting mad, you call up some friends and shake some things and break some things. I know it sounds like any other "No that bitch didn't, I need a drink!" situation and it is, but now I have a name for it and it makes it funnier to shout out "It's Dick Day Bitch, Where my drink!"

Posted By: Peaches!