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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Are You Ready For Some Football??!!

To answer the question, no not really. Yeah me and Skittles getting the food ready, the TV on lock, and prime sofa seating established, but not to see Arizona and Pittsburgh battle (yawn). No it's all about the Ads, the preshow concert with the diva Jennifer Hudson back with the National Anthem (Be prepared to go to church!), halftime not so much (The Boss ain't that Diva!), and the after game shows on NBC (That preview of the office with the cat is hilarious!). But the economy has taken the bite out of the games this year. The famed Playboy, Sports Illustrated, and other big named Super Bowl parties of the past didn't happen this year due to the ecnomy. Also more people have flown in commerical rather than by private jet like years past and spending is down 30%. When The Ville hosted the game in 2005, parties were everywhere and once $2 hamburgers were $20, but the atomshpere was electric (It's electric!...I had to!). So I wonder how things down south in Tampa are and will Miami next year be affected? Well we will see like my mom would say "Lord's willing"!

Posted By: Peaches!