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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Drumline Live Post...Finally!

Okay I know its been like a week ago, but I am finally posting about Drumline Live. It was incredible! After a delicious and pricey(don' they know we're in a recession!) trip down memory lane at Longhorns, me and Skittles embarked on a night of beats, dance, and jams. And of course when you get FAMU marching bands and a Saturday night, you get the club hoes in full effect. Bitches had their freakum dresses and fcuk me pumps on lock. Me, Skittles, and the old white lady ushers thought we walked on the set of a Plies Bust it Baby video. But on the other side, he Grandmas and Sorara (as my mom calls Sorority) were on full effect in furs and gold! But like anytime a group on black people gather, there was a few "Oh no that bitch didn't" moments.One, I know some people, black or white, will act a fool during an event, but was it necessary to have a hundred JSO officers there? I didn't even see JSO at Ave Q except to help people cross the street. That is why the Ville is the murder capital of Florida, JSO is busy patrolling Broadway shows and not killerway. Two, I know the other JSO in the Ville is the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra and across from the Moran theater hosting Drumline, in the Jacoby Hall the JSO was having their own concert (which I wish I could have seen...explain later) and in the lobby there were ushers passing out surveys for people attending the concert. Well one of the survey takers were standing right next to us and before we knew why she was there, was curious about what she was doing. She saw us and didn't even move an inch toward us, but as soon as someone white passed by she sprung to action asking if they were going to the JSO concert and if they wanted o take a survey. I was like HELL NO OBAMA IS PRESIDENT BITCH! and we are still second class. Why couldn't me and Skittles be attending the concert. In fact we were getting tickets to one of he Masterwork performances coming up. I love the symphony and as a id the only concerts I ever attended were with the JSO. But to make it even crazier, most of the white people she were asking, were attending Drumline Live and the JSO performance was a night of Motown! The final trifling moment came when we entered the theater for the show and the usher passing out the programs for the show gave Skittles a program and when I asked for mine, was like "you can share"! Bitch I can't, could you share the price I paid for tickets? She had a boxes full and people looked at her like she was crazy. How she even know we knew each other and the price of a seat comes with a program. There should be a program for each seat, its not like it was oversold or I was requesting multiple copies. Just know I got my damn program just like every other show I have every attended. But off the trifling part of the night and on to the performance. It was pretty much sold out, there may have been a couple of empty seats, but it was full. The show was great, right out the gate they brought that black college beat and people were up and dancing and cheering like it was halftime at the Classic. There were different sections an showed the diverse sides of black college music from Africa to Gospel, big band to modern, and Motown to Soulja boy. The small but big sound band was on point and the dance girls brought the heat. They had participation from the audience in cute and funny moments. My only complain is you can tell this is a new show and some elements haven't been ironed out yet or reached their full greatest. Also just we your getting in to one of the different sections, the would end quickly, so they brought the fire, but not long enough to let it burn. But the band members, mostly college students from the historically black colleges were amazing and during the intermission, me and Skittles discovered they were pretty cute as well. A group of the drumline drummers came around in the audience with drums to play and the girls were going crazy, I thought they were stripping how wild they got just to hold their drum while they drummed. But I don't blame them, they were hot and most seemed to beat to a different drum, if you get what mean. But also during that point everyone got to realize how much talent lays in the audience as well. When people got to chance to play the drum themselves, many blow everyone away with their skills. My favorite part was just after the finale and the all the performers marched out in the lobby for a unscripted goodbye jam, where you got to meet the performers face to face ad take pictures, and thank them for a great show, while jamming out to some beats. It was an experience to be a part of and I can't wait to see how the show evolves. It deserves to be on the same tier as Stomp and Riverdance and based off that performance, it will. Here is a video i caught on my phone of the after jam, sorry for the lack of quality audio, it was loud as hell in that lobby.Make sure if Drumline Live is hitting a city near you to check it out, you won't forget it. Visit for info on the show and stops. Next show...Wicked!!!

Posted By: Peaches!

*Side Note: Also in the lobby were the trancely beautiful women of Radiance. They performed the Motown JSO concert across the hall ad they were signing autographs and I had to get one, even though I didn't see their show. But after seeing them and talking with them I wish I did. I would post a picture, but it pales in the reality of how fierce and sexy they were face to face. I would put down dick for them...well not too much gurl!