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Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Grammy's Recap: Step by Step!

For the one that did not have the chance to see the live show, see my step by step recap of the biggest night in music after the click

U2 opened the show. Pretty good!
Tipsy Whitney announced J.Hudson as Best R&B album!
Whitney's dress was fierce and J.Hud's wasn't.
Dwayne "the Rock" Johnsen told some bootleg jokes and introduced Timberlake
Timberlake told a bootleg story, introduced and performed with Al Green
They both tried to out high note each other with AL being victorious
Boys 2 Men and Keith Urban were in the background!
The Mentalist's Simon Baker introduces Coldplay
Jay-Z comes on stage out of no where and starts rapping with them! HOTNESS!
Intimate song turnes into Viva La Vida with big drums and a big ass bell!
Keith Urban introduces Carrie Underwood.
She is givin it to me right now! Strut yo stuff gurl!
Sheryl Crow and Le Ann Rimes hit the stage and announce SugarLand as Favorite Country Duo/Group
Were back with Duffy and Al Green. They both start singing song for older nominess for Song of The Year!
Song of the Year goes to ColdPlay's VIVA LA VIDA! Really short acceptance speech.
Kid Rock performs 3 songs, in one saying "I'm a Rock & Roll Jesus!" WHATEVER!
Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus perform for the first time! Not too bad!
They announce Plant and Krauss "Rich Woman" as the Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals.
I don't see how they got it!
Jennifer Hudson makes her entrance to perform! This dress is so much better!
That was so emotional and she fought back tears. Amazing!
Jason Mraz and Emily Procter introduces Jonas Brothers with Stevie Wonder.
Their performance was pure fuckery! Enough said!
Blink 182 announces ColdPlay for having the Best Rock Album.
It sucks that the guy with the broken arm had to open the card.
Craig Ferguson introduces Katy Perry.
She emerges on stage in a floating sparkling banana and with a sparkiling fruit dress. WOW!
She should have lip synched!!
One a small stage, Kanye West starts rapping and Estelle begins to sing. They outfits are truly sparkling!
They then announce Adele as the Best New Artist!
Peaches and I both sing "Give it up for the BIG GIRLS!"
Morgan Freeman comes out with one glove on to introduce Kenny Chesney.
He does a typical "sit on a stool in a bright spotlight" performance
Natalie Cole, Puffy, and Herbie Hancock announces Plant and Krauss "Please Read This Letter" as Record of the Year
WHY?? I don't see how they got this one either!
Queen Latifah introduces a very pregranant M.I.A!!! Jay-Z, T.I., Kanye West, and Lil Wayne join her.
A standing ovation was in order, and they got one!! HOTNESS!
Kate Beckinsale introduces Foo Fighters and Sir McCartney!
They jam out to a old Beatles hit! Very nice!
Jack Black and Charlie Hayden announce John Mayer as Best Male Pop Vocal Performance
Screen goes black! Ok, we back again! John leaves the stage.
LL Cool J and some white guy introduces SugarLand and Adele.
Sugarland was surprisingly good, I was feeling it!
Adele sang her ass off about them damn pavements! Yes Ma'am!
Gwen Paltrow introduces RadioHead backed with some school marching band.
Very DrumLine like, but white!!
Samuel L Jackson talks about uniting music and introduces T.I. and Timberlake
Great collabo performance!
Grammy President Neil Portnow hits the stage to give his speech of the night.
Wow! I didn't know Obama received two Grammy awards in the past!
Neil then introduces Smokey Robinson.
Ne-Yo and Jamie Foxx join Smokey and the only other surviving member of The Four Tops in an oldies medley. A good blast from the past.
Josh Grobin introduces Neil Diamond
Very "Sweet Caroline" Vegas Style performance!
Now comes the Encore segment. Tribute to the artists who have passed away!
John Mayer, BB King, Keith Urban, and Other (don't know his name) does another oldies melody!
Gary Sinise introduces Lil Wayne with Robin Thicke
Great great great collabo and inspirational song for New Orleans!
Old black man pianist, dirty dozen band, new orleans dancers join the two in the tribute! and T-Pain announce Lil Wayne for Best Rap Album
Blind Boys of Alabama gets a Lifetime Achievement Award
Zooey Deschanel introduces Plant and Krauss!
They need to sit down somewhere!
Green Day announces Rick Reuben as Producer of the Year and the BIG BIG BIG award of the night....... Plant and Krauss for ALBUM OF THE YEAR!!!
WHY??? WHY??? WHY???
The other nominees were robbed of that award!
What happened to this years Grammy's!!??
Stevie Wonder ends the show.
I'm glad it's over! There is the 51st Grammy Awards in a Nut Shell!!
The End

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