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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Oh Hells No!: Jacksonville Tea Party!

As stated before me and Skittles are sorry for the lack of posts. Skittles is out of a PC at the moment and after coming back home after a little vacay, I came down with an ass whooping cold. Well yesterday while in between NyQuil induced sleep, I saw a report on the news that made me pissed and not for the reasons I should. A group of people(white, mostly well to do)(Sorry white readers, its the truth!) gathered at the Landing to protest the Stimulus package passed. They had their own Tea Party and it is part of a nationwide protest. They state that the Stimulus is only pork and helping people with multiple homes. Then as a symbol, they dumped two bottles of Arizona Tea into the St. Johns. OK! Here is my rant! 1: Like anything, they are people who do just to greed, will try to buck the system and get more than they need. So yeah there are people who owns more than one home and in foreclosure, but for every one on them there is hundreds who only own one and now owns nothing. So to make a protest on a hand full is like cursing a cup of water while looking at the ocean. 2: If you don't like the Stimulus, please don't spend a dime of it, in fact send my me your savings. Any givers??! No, because with all their talk, I bet not one of them will not enjoy the benefit of the package, if not find ways to gain more from it. and finally 3: The original Tea Party was done in protest to the higher taxes on the needed English item, Tea. So in protest, we dumped the tea to show we weren't having it. So what the hell does tea have to do with what is happening in this nation right now. It seemed like the last weak battle cry of the damned who damned us in the situation we are in now, hiding behind the cover of America and not realizing the battle is over and they are just the left corpses on the field. But the thing that pissed me off was this. How are you dumping tea into the river! I know that there had to be to at least a couple homeless people who would have needed that drink more than the river. Also where were the Riverkeepers?! aren't we suppose to be keeping the St. Johns clean! Where are the fines, I need to see people being arrested or put to task in the media for pollution. And Arizona Tea?? That shows how rich their blood is, Arizona tea as a gallon is $4.99. They couldn't find a Walmart, Hell Targay, and get some $1.99 tea to dump. You're protesting the wasting of money and you go and waste $10 on two bottles of tea and dump it in the St. John's. I am missing the point. Maybe since Arizona is one of the states with the largest number of foreclosure or maybe its a shot out to they fallen homie McCain who voted against the Stimulus. Either way it made all the speeches and signs worthless! Read the whole story here.

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