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Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Oscars!

UPDATE: Now with Videos!!!This years Oscars can be summed up in one word...Magical! Not since the cool and modern production by Quincy Jones back in 1996, has the Oscars made me laugh, cry, dance, excited, amazed, and all around in love with movies again. Hugh "Gay or not makes me hot" Jackman was the 2000 Billy Crystal and I thought I would never see another Billy. And he pulled off not only bring the musical number back on the Oscars with help from Beyonce, Zac, & Baby V, but he rocked a Batmobile made of plastic jugs. Even the ending credits were hot with clips of the up coming movies in 2009 and most look like they will bring the hotness. But the topper for me was the way the presented the acting awards with past winners celebrating the nominees, so beautifully that that the award didn't matter after their words. If you missed it, find it on Hulu, Youtube, or Fancast and experience the love of movies! Check out the winners and videos when available after the jump! Click here for the winners.

Posted By: Peaches!