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Monday, November 10, 2008

So Not Fierce: Human Warehouses!!

Imagine you just woke up ready for the day, but instead of your alarm waking you, its the sound of gun fire. The government just collapsed and hordes of rogue soldiers are either killing, raping, or taking every person they see. You run and hide a fast as you can until you are in the believed safety of another country only to be gathered up in placed in a camp where you get one meal a day, shelter made from debris, and no protection or support from those over the camp. But worst of all you are alone and no idea or ability to find and contact family and friends. Well for 14,047.300 people around the world, tis is their reality. Many have been through this and countless situations that end them up in refugee camps, with sometimes are worse than where they had to leave. Children and parents who have been separated and unable to find each other. Dealing with corrupt camp leaders who don't protect, shelter, or feed you. And being treated or labeled as prisoners by a country you thought will help you. For those who think that this is something that doesn't affect them and only in poor war torn countries, I have one word, Katrina. When families were (and many still are) split through the USA with no communication or idea how to find each other. Forced to stay in shelters were crime and corruption was unenforced. And the lack of hope that your country will help. But it doesn't have to happen, they is an effort to move refugees from camps to normal lives throughout the world, where they can work, get access to resources to find lost family and friends, and live life like they are, human beings. Stories like this is possible:

Mussa Suleinman, a Zanzibari refugee in Mogadishu, … who now works as a barber in the south of Mogadishu, told Xinhua that the Tanzanian refugees had stayed in camps in Kenya before they decided to come here in Somalia. … "[W]e could not get jobs and suffered a lot, so we came here," said Suleiman, who is now married to a Somali woman and has one child.

When the Zanzibari refugees arrived in Mogadishu back in 2001 they were welcomed by local residents and settled in one of the deserted former government buildings in Mogadishu where they still live. "We were first given assistance by local people here who helped us with food, clothing and shelter but with time we had to fend for ourselves," Rashid Ahmed, vice chairman of the refugees, told Xinhua.

"Some us of us started working as carpenters, teachers, or fishermen while others started their own small businesses but most of us work as barbers to earn our living," said Ahmed, a barber. … "Most of those who went to other Somali towns like Hobyo, Kismanyo and Bossaso work on their own as fishermen," Ahmed said. "They have their own small boats and go out into the sea to fish and trust their luck just like every other people in the sea," he adds. …

Zanzibar refugee leaders say that they do not feel any discrimination against them and they are not particularly targeted by any of the sides in the ongoing violence. They say they are respected as guests by all Somalis. … [D]espite their linguistic difference, the Zanzibari refugees have been assimilated well into the local Somali population with a number of them married to local Somali women and have some children with them.

"All our children born here and those brought here young speak Somali better than Kiswahili and I believe we have been destined to be part of this great nation which is unfortunately going through its most difficult period," says Ahmed.

If you want to help, you will be in the company of Fierocia herself Angelina Jolie, go to U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants for more information on Refugees and most importantly, how you can help.

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