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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Vaginas, Shakes, and Smellin Dicks

Peaches posted the "Pepper" video from the site above and it made we want to look into some other videos. Well two caught my eye while one lead my to find a youtube version and had me LMAO! Please visit to find more.

This crazy lady is standing up for all womanhood and says "Let's all have Vagina Power!" all while her mom is sitting next to her!

This is what happens when good milkshakes go sour! Which flavor is your favorite???

I think Peaches posted this song on an earlier post and I saw the still image video on UCB, but this ballad version is so much funnier! I didn't know so many people did different versions of this "ghetto as hell" song on youtube! Please search to see more.

Posted by Skittles