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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Twilight Me!

Peaches and I went to see Twilight today (well yesterday) and I actually liked it a lot when I didn't think it possible. Now we both feel like we have to read the book since our friend (and fans talking to us as we left the theater) feels that we would have appreciated the movie more had we graced it's novel pages. If this tries to become the next Harry Potter phenomenon, they already have a good start off from movie #1 which made me a believer. We had to go early cuz we knew it would be crowded in the evening, which there were fans already lining up at 3:30pm for the 4:15 showing. It was a very serious movie (as serious as a vampire & human love relationship with plot twists and battle scenes movie can be) with mildly funny moments that made it all the better. Only thing that was off to me in a bad but good way was that all the character personalities weren't what I thought they would be like (you may agree when you see it) and some reactions from the characters were not believeable, but it didn't take away from the experience. Also, the scene with the sun on Edward's face and his big reveal to Bella was.....well just wait as see. Oh, and they represented Jacksonville at least 7 times throughout the movie which will always be a plus. JACKSONVILLE STAND UP CUZ WE MOVIE STARS!!!!!!! Im out!

P.S. - Cam Gigandet (James), Kellan Lutz (Emmett), Taylor Launter (Jacob), Gregory Boyce (Tyler), Micheal Welch (Mike) are to cute!

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