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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Living in a Cocktail Glass!

For those who don't know, this weekend is the holy grail of weekends in Jacksonville. First there was Halloween, the fair is in town, and a little thing called the Florida/Georgia Weekend. It's not called the worlds largest cocktail party for nothing, especially when the students from UF & UG combine at the Landing! Its a week(yes festivities and fans arrive well before the game in RV city, which is worth its own post!) filled with parties, drunken hot students, ass loads of black, red, blue, and orange, drinks flowing like the St. Johns, and crowds everywhere. The game is just the place to try and recover from your hangover or find that hottie you let hit and dip and didn't get a number. But for a local, it's heaven and hell! The parties are hot as well as the fans, but all the normal crowded spots are now unbearably crowded. Free parking is now $10 & $20 bucks and drinks, even though flowing, will cost you more of your pretty pennies. The Landing becomes a solid wall of people, as well as the streets around it and the river. Most the streets you need to get home or where you need is either closed for festivities or a wall of cars trying to get to the festivities. Driving around town is marked by lost tourist, drunken people looking for the next club, party, or cab in the middle of the street, people driving slow checking out people and pulling all kinds of stunt & shows! But to top it all off, my favorite thing in the world times 100...Georgian drivers!

Posted By: Peaches!

*Side Note: If you are wondering which team me and Skittles are going for, its simple. Neither bitch, If the game is the world largest cocktail party, we are just the olive floating on the top looking for the cock and tail!