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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

MYA, Why you leavin???

It seems that MYA has decided to leave the USA circuit for a while and go international signing to a Japan label. Maybe it was poor record sales from her last album or she feels her divaness should be expanded, but where does that leave her US fans that won't see the new release?? (shown above) I guess we have to buy it on amazon and pay S&H to get it~! Yeah right, sorry Mya but I will have to get Peaches to bootleg it for me. We still love you though cuz "your love is like... WHOA!" (HAHAHA I know you remember that s**t!) Her album hits in Japan on Dec 3!

Oh, by the way, here is the video for the album's first single "Paradise" but don't expect a paradise (or any scenery for that matter) in the video. ENJOY!

Posted by Skittles