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Friday, November 7, 2008

I Am Sasha Not impressed!

Name: Beyonce / Sasha Fierce
Album: I Am Beyonce - I Am Saha Fierce
Date: Nov 18th
Genre: R&B with some Alternative vibes and some Electronic Crunk Beats
Peaches Speaks: Since I actually have the album (Don't ask how...Jealous!) and have listened to it. There is only 3 songs total that I like on this album. Video Phone, Single Ladies, & Diva. The Beyonce side seems to be Bey's true voice, but due to it not being the money making cuts that she is known for, I don't feel she committed to them. The Sasha side does has the hot beats and gay clubhouse vibe, but she over do it, making them sound cheesy or fake. My early jam Beautiful Nightmare now Sweet Dreams on the album lost its sexy edge with her over done "Turn the lights On" shouts and other unneeded additions. I love Bey like most and I know this album will still be number one on the charts, but I wish she goes back to her first album and finds her true voice and commit to it. Look at her sis Solange who came out doing what people thought she should do, but when she did what she wanted, her voice shone through and made the songs real and more than just jam of the moment.
Peaches Rating for I Am Beyonce: D, but could be a great solid A if she committed to what she was singing
Skittles Pre Rating for I Am Sasha Fierce: B-, but like before could be a solid A if she lose all the unneeded extras. Just beats and her voice is fine!

Posted By: Peaches!