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Sunday, November 23, 2008

AMA's Live!!

This is my first time blogging live, but after the first 20 minutes I had to. Forgive me the delay and I will recap at the break. Now Pink is performing after being introduced by a drunk (yes his ass looks drunk or high...ROCK N ROLL!) but I missed his name. Pink is rocking it in her sexy fierocia pink dress. Loving the black back up singers, reminding me of Pink's black beginnings. Okay commercial. Well Christina broke it down with not one, not two, but 7 songs and 7 outfit combos with her dancers. She did it without looking like Lady GaGa and even had a hot shirtless men ending. RihRih won R&B Female and her man Chris Brown won R&B male. New Kids on the Block then came out and brought it back to 1998. I was screaming like a little girl because it was so hot and when he (Its been a awhile to remember their names again) hit that high note, it was ovah!!! Its back with Taylor Swift and this is my first time hearing her sing. She reminds me of Lisa Loeb. Her dress is fierce as well. Its LANCE!!!Oh speaking of dresses, what the hell is wrong with RihRih wearing a napkin as a dress. I know they said she was on hard times, but damn. And don't come out your house wearing a small ass dress and have to hold your ass the whole time to keep your goodies on lock! Its NeNe all Bond style! I am loving the live horn version! You better work that mic stand!! Gay Club beat even gayer with him singing closer! Here comes the men and the flames (seriously)! That was hot! Break...Oh I forgot to mention T-Pain (I am gaging that I am mentioning him and so not in a good way!) and his Jim Crow ass trying to steal Chris Brown shine. Bitch you ass didn't win s**t you just read the name on the card! We're back! Why do they have people who don't have anything to do with the award present? KANYE!!!! Best Rap Album so no bitching back stage! Kanye Presley! Leona Lewis is soo fine! VMA's need to ask for a loan from the AMA's because these performances are soo much better. Leona Lewis is hitting the high note while raising higher in the sky, soo fierce, just don't fall baby! Text E everyone, because the Dream is hot!! Break...New show obsession, True Beauty by Tyra and Ashton where hot people don't know to win its about inter beauty. Genius!! Billy Achy Breaky Ray introducing his daughter on her Sweet 16!! Miley in a mini on stage and in the crowd! A slide! Dancing billboards! She is hitting those notes and trying to take Janet million dancers on the stage crown! Cute David! If only he was older, the things i would do to him!!! Break...Boo Bachelor, a son, where is the gay one or even a black one! Coldplay!!! Skittles need to tell me who that hot one is! WOW to entire stage and rainbow rain of paper! Why is it that Chris always perform as if he needs to take a wicked piss? Who is gonna clean all that paper up in time for the next performance? Pop Album up! and paper is still raining down! The winner is...ALICA KEYS!!!! I am loving Alica's forehead bling, so exotic! Break...Back with Jimmy and the WuTang! Jimmy is all in the Jonas Brother's ass! I am glad Terrence Howard is not singing! Mariah, lets she if she will move or singing live all the way through! Seriously, Nick really needed to be there to help her walk down one damn step? Mariah, baby I know you are a diva, but please walk move than a step every 10 minutes! I can't hate too hard cause her ass is top of the game, even though she could have held that note a little longer, you don't want Miley showing you up! Taylor Swift just beat out the Reba and Carrie for Country Female, you better work bitch!! Pop Female up! The winner is...RiRih and that damn napkin dress, change please! Why was RihRih looking like she didn't give a damn that she won! Break...Loving Fergie HP AD, Digital Dutchess and that new track sounds hot. Will post when it because available!!Back with The Fray. What the hell is he saying? Can you back an inch from the mic to hear what the hell your trying to sing, not fierce! Is that Harry Potter on guitar? Sexy Enrique for Rap Male! The winner is...KANYE!! Ashley Tisdale and Tmobile award! The winner is...The Jonas Brothers (like Duh, texting messaging and girls, who else would win!)! They are soo shiny! The Dream is soo dreamy, but not tonight! BEYONCE!!!!!Why does it look like she got a different camera and where in the hell is the metal glove, she ain't no Diva! Why does the black girl look like Golden Brooks from Girlfriends! Mo she did not have the incline! Now she got a metal finger! No she didn't end with a bitch hold my ponytail pose, that's Diva! It was hot, but I thing the SNL version was hotter! Break...Lost!!! Back with R&B Album! The winner is...ALICA KEYS!!!The Jonas Brothers! Cue screaming girls!!I can't wait to one day hear them perform instead of a chorus if screaming girls!! Loving the lasers and the brothers aren't bad to look at. Waiting for one of them to come out and become the freak, doing porn and making out everywhere to remove the Disney mark!! Damn now the Nicole and them performing in a convertible on stage! They are actually wearing clothes! Spoke too soon, they had to unleash the hoeness!! Stripper poles, seriously!! When I grow up I want to work a pole!! Yes the first beat down of the night, that beat was hot! That performance was a little too racy with whips and poles, what about poor little David and his fragile young mind! Seriously, do we need a Old Navy Fashion report and no mention of RihRih napkin dress! Break...Back with Justin "I will Fu*k u where u stand"Timberlake!!! Tribute to the greatest Annie Lennox! She was the soundtrack to my middle school days! So Diva she can sing track with piano! She still got it! Everyone is bring it with that long note, what is Mariah problem! I loving the fact everyone is giving short and sweet speeches! Break...Back with Natasha and her sexy short look! Fierce retool of my jam unwritten! I love how the artist on AMA's perform hot mini playlist of their hits! Now RihRih with no napkin dress, but a diamond studded eye patch!! Did Sisqo have a yard sale? That is a lot of stage and lights and what is up with her S&M chain outfit, I'm waiting for JT to come out tied up and whipped! What no Justin and only fire! Okay! Break...Back with Pop Group award! The winner is... Sexy and bald Daughtry! KANYE WEST!!! Tron 2.0 style! Are the women going to do anything? This my jam, soo cold! Kanye keeps trying to step the sunglasses game to the future! Damn Kanye and now Sarah M. singing my mom's jam Angel! Oh snap a duet with Pink, even hotter, now its my jam too! That was soo hot and sweet! Break...Back with Artist of the year and the winner of the final and biggest award is...CHRIS BROWN!! And now ALICA KEYS to close this mother down!!! Superwomen! Who will be the surprise guests? The Queen, Latifah!!! I didn't know she can still flow, that was hot! Kathleen Battle and the opera swag!!! WHAT!!! That's how you hold a note bitches! THAT WAS HOT!! I LOVE THE AMAs!!!! I did this for my boo who couldn't watch the AMA's on tv. Forgive me for the length and errors. I don't know when I will hve do this again. Videos will be posted as soon as they become available and I am able to post them. I am out!