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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Macy's Thanksgiving Trifling Moment!

First off let me say that I didn't know that TRIFLING was an actual word until someone told me about a week or two ago! I just thought some ghetto chick used it in a rap song and then everyone started using it! Anyway, back to the story.... If you happen to see the Macy's Day Parade today, then you probably saw this young lady perform on one of the floats. Her name is Shontelle, she is a new artist, and her label probably thought this opportunity would show her off to the millions of people that watch it every year! Well, I don't understand why she sang the song "T-Shirt" which was not at all appropriate for todays festivities, I mean a Christmas song or anything else would've been fine. Also, since this was her first big appearance they should have had her looking a lot less hagged (crazy looking or like you just got out of bed) than she was. But the trifling moment was when she almost fell off the float TWICE!! which was not her fault because the driver must have been tipsy pumping the controls like that!! Now everyone that didn't already know her is just gonna remember her as "the black girl who almost fell off the float twice and tried to play it off" so I apologize here and now for laughing at her and then calling Peaches to laugh some more but it was kinda funny.
P.S. - Sorry to the readers for not finding and posting the video cuz this pc is slow and is having problems with that!

* I got you boo!



Damaris said...

I can understand..! Well, thanks for sharing Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade trifling moment.