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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Pre-Album Review : HeartbreakSashaArchuletaHumanCircus

Name: Kanye West
Album: 808’s and Heartbreak
Date: Nov 25th
Genre: R&B, Tribal, and Electronic Beats
Skittles Speaks: Kanye indeed decides to take us again in a new direction with this one. Just as the title is named, that’s what you’re getting in abundance (big beats and love songs). Is it the right sound for him? Were the snippets I heard good? I answer No and No in my opinion but maybe it needs to grow on me. I’ll try to endure but I don’t see it getting to “Graduation” status. You lose!
Skittles Pre Rating: D

Name: Beyonce / Sasha Fierce
Album: I Am Beyonce - I Am Saha Fierce
Date: Nov 18th
Genre: R&B with some Alternative vibes and some Electronic Crunk Beats
Skittles Speaks: This double “alter ego” disc CD is looking and feeling very different for some “regular ego” folk! After hearing snippets of all the song, both sides have some explaining to do! Beyonce’ side maybe a little to love dovey and slow and Sasha’ side maybe a little to FIERCE and ghetto for me to handle. But because it’s yo girl B, it will still be a hit album. Put a ring on that!
Skittles Pre Rating for I Am Beyonce: C
Skittles Pre Rating for I Am Sasha Fierce: A-

Name: David Archuleta
Album: David Archuleta
Date: Nov 11th
Genre: Vocal Pop with little Rock and R&B influence
Skittles Speaks: I have only heard and seen his first video for "Crush" and it is pretty good song to step out into the world with. He may have a soft talking voice but his singing voice is huge (can we say biting Janet's style). I could see this album beating the season winner David Cook in sales. He is also kind of cute! Wait, is he 18 yet????
Skittles Pre Rating: B-

Name: Brandy
Album: Human
Date: Dec 9th
Genre: R&B
Skittles Speaks: She is back after her "as usual" 4 year hiatus between albums. I really feel she is in a better place so this album should be better than Aphrodisiac was. Heard the single "Right Here" and some leaks and they sound like it will be a "listen to after a long day" CD. Glad to see there's no Monica around to hate!
Skittles Pre Rating: B

Name: Britney Spears
Album: Circus
Date: Dec 2
Genre: Vocal Pop with little Rock and R&B influence
Skittles Speaks: Britney definitely knows how to appeal to her listening audience and there won’t be any exception here. At first I assumed she could not get any better than her “under promoted, emotionally free, but flawless” Blackout album but after hearing “Womanizer”, I can see she won’t let this one be in vain. Lookout wannabe pop princesses cuz the Circus is coming to town!
Skittles Pre Rating: B+

Five Albums I look forward to hearing more or all of and hope I find my ratings to be less than what the albums really turn out to be and have to change them!

Posted by Skittles.