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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Make that "Bitch Gag" Music!

Oh my word! The lovely B.Scott has done it again with his new single "Bitch Hold My Ponytail" produced by Dj Fatha Julz (known for making those HOT OVAH Ball Beats) and it is fierce but hilarious as s**t!!! I'm not gonna post it here so you will have to visit his blog to check it out (MAKE IT WORK!) Also check out his other hits "Paw Paw" and "Androgynous" right now on his site. Just looking out for my B!!! But, since it's friday night and ya'll getting ready to hit the club house and show em who the boss is, I got these songs for my queens to get you ready. Just keep it hot for me in this cold weather! ENJOY!
**This song is NSFW, for children, or for straight people so take heed!!**
Get Pussy - Jay Karan Pendavis

Im Gonna Make You GAG - Jay R Revlon

Go Girl (Ayo Technology Remix) Thanks DJ SH4KES

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