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Friday, September 26, 2008

What the Fcuk Friday: STALLIONAIRES!

Chance and Real are back and looking for a man...woman to love. Seriously! Some fools is giving them their own dating show called "Real Chance of Love" where 15 chicks (probably trannies) will compete at their "STALLIONAIRES Ranch" for the chance to well get with Chance & Real. There is soo much fuckary with this and the show hasn't even aired! I just want to talk about their "After 10 shots of Patron at the gay club and ready to J step some hoes to Get Me Bodied" photo above with their other brother Love(If these are they real names they mama need to be slapped!). If any chick is serious for these two, either needs to have a drug test or something extra goodies (Isis know what I mean, I will miss you boo!)!

Posted By: Peaches!