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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Man Up Monday: Serena! and Corbin??

I know I am writing this before it is officially Monday, but I just survived watching the most intense and exciting performance in a while. No not the bootleg VMAs (I just watched the opening with Britney and I couldn't deal with that Kmart production!) or the stellar lost of the Jags, but Miss Honey Serena Williams making it rain on those hoes for the third time at the US Open. I was screaming like I just won my freedom and especially now she is finally #1 in the world! The Williams sisters are bring that fire back to tennis like they did when they first bust out on the scene like a couple of extras from a Tricky Daddy video. And they are the reason me and Skittles spent good money trying to step up our tennis game (for a good week!). So you go Miss Serena and Venus and let them girls know you might not look it now, but you will beat that ass on the court Compton style!

Posted By: Peaches!

*Side Note: Was it me or did that chick Serena beat tried to take her shine during the award interview with her extended shout out and questions about how mucg her check was? But the interviewers face was priceless when she took that mic from here.

Look who is trying to MAN UP these days! It's Mr. Corbin Bleu trying to look all fine and grown wit the facial hair and sexy smirk! You still with Disney so you are off limits to me but that don't mean you won't get sexually attack from the back while I pull them hair curls at my first sign of weakness (as long as you look like that and don't sing!)

Posted by Skittles