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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Worktime Rant!

Okay I am here at work counting down the minutes until I can finally be free of this place. But until then, to pass the time I need to release some stress. Okay I work for a Transportation Frieght company that ships other companies shit all over the country and mostly if you use it, eat it, wear it, or drive it, we have shipped it. My job is to take calls from those companies and handle any issues or questions which is enough stress dealing with people like Coke a Cola who wants to know where their soda is every five minutes. But I also get calls for people who don't seem to hear or understand simple shit. For example:

Me-"Thank you for calling Transportation Freight"
Fool-"I need to pay on my loan"
Me-"I believe you have the wrong numer, this is a freight company and we don't have loans"
Fool-"I am trying to close this account and...long ass story about their whole life and debt."
Me-"What is the name of the company you are trying to reach?"
Fool-"HSBC or Citi or Capital One..etc"
Me-"You have reached a wrong number and will need to check the number again"
Fool-"Can you transfer me?"
Me-"We are not the same company!"
Fool-"This is crazy, give me the right number or your manager"
Me-"I can't provide either since this not the company you are trying to reach."

And it goes on like this until they finally understand or just hang up. I know you are thinking why I just don't hang up, well unlike what McCain thinks, this economy sucks and I am not trying to lose a job if I don't have to. Sometimes I am tempted to just take their payment information and gain me some extra Janet trip money, but luckly for them I am honest. But I get this at least 2 a night and waste so much time I could have doing actual work. So if you happened to call somewhere and the person who answers says somewhere totally different, please save yours and their time and trust them, they are not trying to be slick and not take your money. No matter the company, they will take your money!

Posted By: Peaches!