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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Obama in The Ville!

I am soo excited that Obama will in The Ville again, but this time as a Presidential Candidate and for a huge crowd in Metro Park. Me and Skittles planned on going to a good friend's surprise Bday party, but I am thinking we will have to be fashionably late! I don't know why, but unlike other elections, I am soo excited and into this one (and for those out there who don't know, it's not about race or party for me when it comes to my support for Obama). For those in the Ville who want to go, he will be at Metropolitan Park (huge outdoor theater on the river by the stadium if you don't know) on Saturday at 12:30pm and reservations are encouraged @ So arrive early cause in the words of John Stewart "Hope won't park your murthafuckin car!"

Posted By: Peaches!