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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Rumble in the Delta!

Since I was working, I am now just watching the debate on repeat. I won't go into a whole rant or play by play(even though Obama is bringing it to Old Man McCain!) on the debates to allow people to declare their own winner. I think the most important thing is that everyone, especially Florida, is registered to vote and vote. I hear people everyday bitch about the world or complain about the candidates and their issues, but when election day comes along they disappear. I feel if you aren't apart of the system, you have no right to complain about. You wouldn't like it if someone was hating all in your Kool-Aide and didn't even buy a $.10 packet. It is the right of America and the right that my black ancestors fought to have, women have fought for, and countless others and that what makes us great. Even if your man doesn't win, you exercised your right to choose. You could be in North Korea and your choice will always be the same. So if you live in Florida, you have until October 6 to register and if you don't and you're not registered, please do. Just click and REGISTER. Cause know, the moment you started hating on the state of the world, i will stop you and demand that registration card and if you voted. and if the answer is no, you will be shutdown bitch!

Posted By: Peaches!

*Who else is waiting to she Palin get it handed to her next week against Biden. But knowing her ass, she'll probably make some excuse like her ass is pregnant ad can't make it! Whatever Bitch!