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Friday, September 5, 2008

Things That Make You Go..Hmmm?: Oprah & Her Mom

Okay, this just takes the cake for trifling. Oprah's mom racked up over $150,000 in charges at a clothing store and stop paying her $2000 a month bill and now their suing. One, what the hell are they selling for an old black lady to rack up $150,000 in charges, Obama bedazzled church hats?! Two, why is she paying $2000 a month bill, she is Oprah's mom, just for that fact they should be paying her $2000 a month to just wear their stuff. No word for Oprah, but damn, even if your mom was hateful to you, you're Oprah. I mean you probably buy toilet tissue that cost more than this debt. She had to pop your billionaire big headed (Don't act like you don't know Oprah got a big ass head!) ass into this world, you can save her and you face and buy that damn store and erase that debt. Oprah, girl you and you mama need to look in the mirror at this:

Posted By: Peaches!