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Friday, September 5, 2008

My 2 cents to the last 4 posts!

Sorry that I have been missing in action but i was a little under the weather and had a setback today but I had to post this to get my additions to these posts and to make myself feel better!

For Skittles post
Okay, to Peaches, thanks for posting the video cuz you know i like brandy and have been trying to find this video for a while.
Now, to Brandy, I love you, your music, and your videos but this video and song was not up to par at all!
#1 - Are you supposed to be god or a guardian angel?
#2 - Who are those people in the video you are supposedly being there for?
#3 - Why were you all over them like a cheap suit?
#4 - You were just standing around with wind blowing on you through 80% of the video!
#5 - What's with the fake computer generated city scenes?
Please make the next one 150% better cuz you know Monica always waiting for that one slip up since her career is basically ran off of your comebacks! Get a life and a be independent MONICA and stop riding my girls coat tails, even if they are bootleg at the moment.

Whatever Bitch: The Republicans
What can I say? Oh yeah, GO SIT DOWN SOMEWHERE MA'AM cuz you ain't hot shit. Don't kid yourself anymore because the only thing you got going for you is your hot ass son and I would mount that ass faster than you can lie your way into the VP spot! Have a terrible day!

Oprah & Her Mom
Hell to the naw! Why is the fuckery taken place? I would be pissed if I was her momma and had to pay for clothes. I'm surprised she doesn't have a clothing line or something! Oprah giving away her favorite things to random people but can't work that pocket change for the bill! You also have a terrible day!

Floyd Mayweather
Thats what yo ass get for trying too hard! You don't see other real millionaires making videos to show off their drawers full of millions BECAUSE THEY HAVE SENSE TO KNOW BETTER and don't want uninvited guest up in their house looking for it! I'm, sorry but you are not that big or that fine to be showing the dough off and now reality has slapped (or stole) the show away from you and set you back 7 million! Now, you sit there and think about what I said and learn from it!
Posted by Skittles