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Friday, September 5, 2008

What the Fcuk Friday: Floyd Mayweather!

Sexy, fine ass, and did I mention hot Floyd Mayweather, home was burgled on August 17 and over 7 million dollars of jewelery (Yes jewelery and by that cost, diva bling!) was stolen. Why would someone do such a thing, what is this world coming to, I mean did he just put a sign on his house asking to be robbed?

Oh yeah, that's is why I keep my pennies to myself. That goes for all those wannabe millionaire rappers bragging on their bling. Haters aren't just talking shit, their taking it to, just ask Young Berg and now Juelz Santana. Floyd is offering $100,000 award for anyone with information that will lead to an arrest. Oprah mama better become Colombo cause her ass can use that paper in a hurry (Read previous post!)!

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