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Monday, September 8, 2008

VMA Fuckery

To see any other fuckery that was the MTV VMAs, you can go to the link below!

Ok, so I didn't sit down at watch any of the show and now I am hella glad I didn't! AGAIN, this was Britney's time to shine on the show and she gives a "hell to the naw" performance skit which was a waste of time. I would rather have had her come out pissy drunk and high and do last year performance and it would have been hotter!

And I still really don't get how she won all 3 awards (Best Female, Best Pop, Video of the Year) cuz the video was not that great! Can we say "MTV fixed that shit!"

I am not even gonna put Rhianna's (Crazy Dominatrix Dike on Steroids) or Lil Wayne's (Ugly as always with his pants to his ankles) fuckery of a performance on here because I don't want to bring the blog down! I did like T.I.'s performance (mainly because he is cute as hell) and Pink's (because there were explosions) and the Jo Bros (because it was an actual well rounded performance).

I have a 2 questions! Who is Tokio Hotel and how did they win Best New Artist? also why did they make a big hype out of Russel Brand and he was not hype himself??

Big ups to Pussycat Dolls (Best Dancing), Erykah Badu (Best Direction), and Gnarls Barkley (Best Art Direction) cuz ya'll did that! Kanye should give award (Best Special Effects for Good Life) to Solange cuz her vids were so much better!

Now, CHRISTINA AGUILERA!! you know you my gurl but what is this fuckery??? Why all of a sudden have you went the Kylie Minogue/Lady GAGA route. That's not you Miss A, bring it on back to the Sunday morning service, let the church say AMEN, time to sing some gospel praises as they pass around the offering for the lord, sister mary hold my purse while I catch the holy ghost music we are used to. Now dont get me wrong, the sexy remix of "genie in a bottle" was hot but her new song "keeps getting better" is so different and will probably have to hear a few times to get into it!
I'm still thinking its for her new super hero movie coming out and it will be on the soundtrack but it not then Peaches and I will start a prayer circle around the world and hope for the best.

I PRAY, PRAY, PRAY that the next one will be better with a tight britney performance, a better host, a bigger venue, and definitely not this.........
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