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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Cosmic Love!

I am soo on a cloud of love that I had to share it to the world. Today after a always stressful night of work, tiredness, and lack of food due to saving for Janet and gas, I was ready to just collapse. So I just went over to drop off a Folio (the hottest alt weekly newspaper in The Ville!) to Skittles and just give myself a moment to unwind before heading home, but Skittles in his always cute and sexy way persuaded me in a hug. And there, laying in his arms as he caressed every inch of my body, ever thought, worry, and stress melted away and it was just me and him in a world of our love. I know you think after that we fucked like no tomorrow, but we didn't. That is the beauty of that experience, I left for home feeling more alive and in love with him more than anytime we made love (and don't get it twisted, Skittles and me tear it down in the bed, floor, stairway, couch...etc!). So if you haven't been blessed with a love like that, it is never too late to find it and I still thank God and pray that I will continue on this cosmic love journey with Skittles.
Cosmic Journey Featuring Bilal - Solange Knowles

Posted By: Peaches!


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