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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Not Her Goodies?!

I know all of ya (or that one guy) have seen the up coming Vibe cover with Ciara with her "goodies" ready to come out the jar. Well now after all the hype about it, Ole girl Ci Ci is now saying that's not her goodies on the cover and now is suing Vibe for taking her clothed shots and digitally making them disappear. I don't know, ever since that whole Miley B.S., it's hard for me to believe that Vibe would just make her nude without her permission. Its not like they made her lighter or made her smaller, plus Vibe doesn't seem to have that much money to pull that off. It sounds like Ci Ci got her ass told by her Grandma after she was at the church picnic and some of the church ladies had a prayer circle around her after seeing the image while shopping online for hats and now her Grandma is pissed that they put her on the spot like that and got the pastor of "Holy Cross Missionary of the Highest Rock of Sweet Minty Baby Jesus AME" preaching about the sins of her grandbaby and to prevent her from never seeing a sweet potato pie and fried chicken to die for again, Ci Ci had to come up with the story and sue Vibe! But like Ci Ci and she maybe telling the truth, but until I see the allegedly clothed version, I am not convinced.

Posted By: Peaches!

*Side Note: You know Robin Thicke is even more pissed!