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Friday, September 19, 2008

J.Lo : Where for art thou??

Jennifer Lopez & Fabolous - Get Right (rap remix) -

I have been feeling depressed for a while now due to transportation troubles reaching it's worst last week but with the help and unconditional support from Peaches and my peeps, I feel alot better. I am posting this video because when I came across this blast from the past, it kicked up something in my spirit and I had to (AS B.Scott SAYS) SHIMMY AND SHAKE! But then it led me to my question : What happen to the J.Lo I used to know and love and why is she not creating hotness like this anymore?? YOU KNOW this was the be up in the gay club and when this song came on you was like "Ooooo gurl this my song, hold my purse so I can get my groove on!" and then you did that Naomi diva walk to the dance floor and dropped it like it was hot which created a shockwave all around you letting all them hateful chickens know you was the shit and let all the hot boys know you was the one to fuck wit!!!! SAY WERD!!!!! But I digress, Yes she had 2 little rugrats with Mr.Skeleton Man Marc Anthony and I don't know if she will recover from that but I hope its a possibility for her to return to be Mrs. Latina Fiya!!!

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