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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Never forget 9/11/01!!

It has been 7 years today that this tragic act happened upon our nation! I don't have to go into explanation or opinions on the matter, I know everyone had seen and heard enough make or form your own. This is just a reminder to remember this day in our minds and our hearts! Let's continue to rebuild, reform, and reshape New York and the rest of the USA! Cherish life, love, and even the little things rather they be good or bad. Never forget the strong survivors, Never forget the victims, Never forget the brave and the scared that came together that day to do what they could to help, Never forget the families that send loved ones to help and families that lost loved ones that day, Never forget the volunteers and organizations giving there unconditional support, Never forget those who sacrificed for the greater good, and Never forget that they will never break our spirits!

Posted by Skittles