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Saturday, September 6, 2008

9021Oh Mama Like!

OK we all heard all the hype about the new 90210 and even though I am a child of the 90's I didn't really watch the original (I was a Save By the Bell & Golden Girls kid, which explains alot!). So I really wasn't that excited about it until they mention someone from Degrassi The Next Generation was going to star. OK for those who don't know, I am a Degrassi fanatic and no one takes it there like them and no subject has been overlooked (Gay guys making out with their female friends, abortions, shanking, getting "Sociable Diseases" from blow jobs after you were almost killed in a school shooting!). So my interest peaked until I heard the plot "A family moves to Beverly Hills from Kansas with their daughter and adopted black son and discovers the craziness of LA life!" OK anyone familiar with Degrassi, knows about The N, the channel that shows it here in the US, and their US version of Degrassi "South of Nowhere" which is about a family who moves from the Midwest to LA with their daughter and two sons, one of whom is their adopted black son and discovers the craziness that is LA. Also all the hype about formal 90210 stars rejoining the show as adults mixing in with the students lives, which is pretty much layout of Degrassi TNG, where original Degrassi High stars are now teachers and parents and their drama from the past still carries on. I was hell naw, is the CW trying to be the knock off version The N! So my interest in the show would have been dead, until Skittles reminded me, no matter what, we always give a show at least one episode and if we don't like it, then we can hate! So last night after finally watching the premiere of Americas Next Top Model (which deserve it's own post!) and other shows that since I work nights, aren't able to watch normally and have to download them for later viewing, I decided to watch 90210. I watched it with no prejudice and I have to say that shit was...The Shit! OK like I said earlier it seemed to be a knock off of Degrassi TNG & South of Nowhere, which it is, but it works and combines the best shows into one package! Even though it has a ways to go before it matches the drama of the other two shows, I found myself getting into the characters a if this was their fifth season. Everyone is hot, especially their dad, the Grandma is the essence of fierocia, and they sow just enough of each person story to make you wanting more juicy details. The only complaint I have is now I have another show that I will probably be obsessing over like Degrassi TNG and South of Nowhere and spending too much damn time convincing everyone around me how hot it is. That is why I am not fucking around with Gossip Girl (even though me and Skittles gave it the one episode treatment and didn't really care for it!) cause I am staying strict to a diet of 5 fierce shows at a time! If you are not convinced, like Levar Burton says "Don't just take my word for it":
Degrassi TNG

South of Nowhere


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