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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

OH...MY...GOD,,,whatever news

Guess which two celebs came out the closet today...Shemar Moore & Angelina Jolie? Tyson Beckford & Beyonce? Will & Jada(Don't act like you don't know!)??? No... the two celebs...that came the world...and now flying the rainbow flag...hold on to your socks...the two people...are...Clay Aiken & Lindsey Lohan.

OK Clay Aiken has been giving off so much gaydar that he piss rainbows and fart glitter. That cover of People magazine is such a waste of time, it would have been more news if he was marrying his baby mama! And Lohan, I love her, but come on, her ass and Sam have been in each other's cooch so much on camera, the shock would have been they were really gay men! Wake me when Shemar or Tyson comes out the closet naked covered in honey and each other!

Posted By: Peaches!