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Monday, September 1, 2008

Celebrate Your Day Free of Labor!

We at once, 5 days a week, or 7 days a week have to deal bitches like this at work. Rather it be your boss, customers, co-workers, or your damn self. *And you feel like just:

You may have been put down and feel no relief in sight. You make work like a slave and and get paid a slave's salary for it. Bills maybe to most "paper" you get and bill collectors maybe the only ones "Hollaing" at you. But know matter what, you keep your head up and you don't stop, because in the end you will receive the glory of your hard work. It may not look like it, but that corner office, that promotion, that Oprah paper, is right with in reach, so don't stop. So if you are bless to have this Labor Day off, celebrate like freed slaves and fuck the drama from work. If you still need inspiration to face Tuesday, let the soulful styling of the greatest **"Black" male group ever...NSYNC.

Posted By: Peaches!

*This is Skittles and I new favorite video of all time. We have had this on repeat and if you know what Joan Crawford movie this is, please let some brothers know!
**If you believed the hype when they were out by ghetto BET since they were number one on 106 & Park everyday. Even though I have to admit I love this song and if I didn't know, I would have swear this was a Blackstreet or B2K joint!