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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Style Yo Soul Sunday: Flashback Tyra

Not quite the Sunday post I should be writing but what the hell, I think it kinda fits! Its Fashion, Its Fierce, Its Tyra! I totally forgot about this video and the song was hotness! Where is her album at? and do you think that was her singing? Sounds a little bit like J.Lo if you ask me but I dont know. So, you had better been praising the Lord this morning but this was just a reminder of what you was doing at the Clubhouse last night! Enjoy!

Posted by Skittles

*Please Note: This is not the purpose of Style your Soul Sunday! It is about inspiring the soul. Skittles better be lucky he fine as hell and can work that, plus this was my jam, cause I would have to "Cut Him, Yeah that's right girl! Cut him!"