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Monday, August 18, 2008

Stand Under Her Umbrella.....LITERALLY!!!!!

What is going on Rhi Rhi!!?? Number 1 - Why am I even seeing this from you ma'am? Don't tell me you came up with this idea! and even if you did, why not go with a well known umbrella company (IF THERE IS ONE!!). Number 2 - Why are there three types of Umbrellas here (Skinni Mini, Colors, and Basic Black) for us to choose from??? Number 3 - Whats with the R LOGO fake diamond pendent on the handle!!!?? and Number 4 - Why oh why is it on a bootleg purple cardboard display on an endcap by the meat section in PUBLIX SUPER MARKET!!!!!???? TAKE ME HIGHER LORD!!! Whoever did this to you needs to be fired ASAP and if you did this, then you seriously need to take a bow and lay down cuz you bumped yo head!
Did Chris Brown tell you this was cute????

Posted by Skittles

I have to add my two cent (since that's all I can afford for this fuckary!), this is not a shock to me. Rih Rih ass is everywhere and I know a sista got to make that paper, but damn, let another bitch get a scrap. I am soo tired of seeing her face on every magazine, Vibe, Ebony, Jewish Grandma Quarterly. What's next? A chain of Disturbia Mental Institutes? Rih Rih sit down, take a rest, let Chris rub your feet, and let some other deserving R&B sista get a little shine. Poor Amerie probably stocking plus size sweaters at Walmart or Christina Milan is trying to sell weave glue at the corner Beauty Plus!

Posted By: Peaches!