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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Fierocia of A Lifetime: Beijing Opening Ceremonies!

Me and Skittles were speechless! That is why I am just writing about, because I had to recover and believe what I thought I saw. For those who don't know me (which is everyone other than Skittles!) I am an Olympic fanatic since Barcelona in 1992, but it is all about the opening and closing ceremonies. For years Atlanta in 1996 in my opinion brought it the hardest, even though Sydney in 2002 step the torch lighting game to another level with their fire in water trick. But all that went out the door with Beijing 2008 and their high tech, beautiful, and touching opening. My expectations were high already cause they are the home of fireworks and I know they had to bring the fire. But when I heard that after Steven Spielberg dropped out and the man who directed House of Flying Daggers and Curse of the Golden Flower (Those movies are da bizness!) took over, I knew it has to be hot. But I never expected for it to be brought so hard, from thousands of lighted drums, a huge rolling LCD screen floor, Floating lights, to the torch being lite by a man running sideways on the opening of the stadium was mind blowing. All I can say is if you missed it, you missed the most futuristic and culturally advance show ever! The above video doesn't come close to show it's amazement, but since no one has a video on it to share, this was the best I could find. London you better bring it in 2012 and at this point you better get David Beckham bare ass naked covered in gold glitter to kick a soccer ball on fire from Big Ben and light the entire Thames River as the torch!

Posted By: Peaches!

Also my thoughts and prays go out to the family and US volleyball team of the killed US tourist as well as the killer who killed himself afterwards (because his family will be left with the memory of his last actions!) today in Beijing, as well as all those in China that despite the danger, still fighting for what is right in China!