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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hot Traxx of the Moment: Janelle Monae & Solange

OK I know few may know Janelle or know her from appearances on tracks for Outkast. But I totally just relearned her after listening to her debut album "The Chase Suite" which I haven't stop listening to and this song "Sincerely, Jane" has just blown my mind Beijing style and its has been on repeat. I love her futuristic but not overly techno sound and her dramatic and yet poetic voice and lyrics. I hate to say it but I was all up Solange and Lady GaGa album ass, but now its all about Janelle. Get her album and if your still not convinced, take a listen:
Sincerely, Jane - Janelle Monae

Posted By: Peaches!

OMG! I cannot believe Ms. Solange is finally back and bringing it in every positive way. I have to admit I was hating on her after her debacle of a first album but this second album "Sol-Angel and the Hadley Street Dreams" (OUT NOW!!! and you will love it) blows the other away! Her sound, voice, and attitude is on-point this time around and she better be recognized as Solange from now on and not B's Lil Sis! This song off the album (6 0'Clock Blues) is a pure modern Motown love song! See live performance here!

Posted by Skittles