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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Too Fierce Tuesday: Kathy Griffin!

It's premiere week here at Fierocia and as you may tell we are giving each day it's own hotness. Tuesday (the bastard child of the week!) we want to celebrate the fierceness out there that fits to the fierocia lifestyle and who better to get the ball rolling than Comedy Diva Kathy Griffin. Not only those she don't give a fuck and will tell you, but she will make you cry with laughter as she does. If you haven't watched My Life on the D-list, then why are you not out running to your local Targay and getting it or calling Comcast to get Bravo? It is the funniest hour of reality TV ever made. Also while at Targay pick up "For Your Consideration", her comedy CD which one day I listened to on the way to work and almost got in an accident laughing so hard. She's not only a Comedy Diva, Emmy winner, and possible Grammy winner, she is just as serious about helping others. She has toured in war zones like Iraq for soldiers, military hospitals with injured vets, help modernize a school in Mexico, and even just once a year go around and give out $10,000 to random people. To further show why Kathy is our Too Fierce Tuesday first inductee, here are two videos that show her hilarious and charitable (sorry in advance for the quality of this video, I didn't make it!) side.

Posted By: Peaches!