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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Da Brat Tat Tat That Head!

She Didn't Talk, She didn't Argue, She Just Hit That Bitch Wit A Bottle (with a full bottle too!) Too bad she now has to suffer 3 years in prison for it! Da Brat aka Shawntae Harris was giving 3 years in prison Friday for hitting and Atlanta Falcons cheerleader at a nightclub! I really hope she was worth it because I wonder what she could have said to Brat to make her go off like that??? It's a shame what this will do to her rap carrer, ooops I mean the one that had already went down hill! Pack up some bottles Ms.Brat cuz you're gonna need them for those late night raunchy lesbian sessions but then again, you may be used to that already!! Don't hate, I just write what I read and hear! Click here for the story!

Posted by Skittles!