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Friday, August 29, 2008

Yes We Can and Will!!

You know that I wasn't going to not make a post after watching one of the greatest speeches since Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" 45 years ago. Obama did we he was suppose to and had ever one of the 75,000 and millions around the country believing in change again. For me, this was my "I Have a Dream" speech and no matter what will the outcome, 45 years later I will still remember that speech as if it was brand new. I just pray, one, McCain old ass that heed to his words and make this campaign about issues facing America and not about small shit like how many times he brush his hair. And two, if Obama is elected, I pray that people let him do his job and not try to hurt or kill him or nickpick ever decision he makes. and finally I pray that if he is elected, that all these speeches come to reality. For those who missed history, the video above is the entire speech, rather you are for McCain or nobody, you can't deny this is historic and you will hate to be the only person who was a part of it.

Posted By: Peaches!

*FINAL NOTE: Just Vote!