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Friday, August 8, 2008

Fierocia of the Moment: Japanese Bag Ladies!

Yes I know, not another damn video, but bitch when you make your blog you do what you feel. Any who, Japan is my country and if it wasn't for the language barrier or my lack of paper, I will be living it up Tomorrowland style. For the time being I will have to marvel at their creative and surprisingly high tricks to simple things and wait 7 to 10 years until it becomes available here. Well this trick we don't have to wait until Best Buy sells it and can do now, even though they have been this for hundreds of years. Its called furoshiki or cloth wrapping and its the art of carrying items use only one piece of cloth. As the video shows, you can make several styles from one cloth. Not only is it fierce hotness cause you can style how ever your mood and a stylist queen always has a fab scarf nearby, but it is also ecofriendly. So forget paper or plastic or even a canvas bag, honey you better get that Louie V knock off scarf you brought from the corner Chinese dollar store rock that bag at Targay. So when you out at the club you can be like "Bitch hold my furoshiki!" when your jam comes on.

Posted By: Peaches!