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Friday, August 22, 2008

What the Fcuk Friday: Fay!

OMG, what is this bitch problem?! I know The Ville is hot, but it is time to go BooBoo! I have been stuck in this house since Wednesday, and today is a payday and I needs to see my man. Every couple of minutes, my house is getting bitch slapped by trees and now leaks are appearing on my walls and that is not cute. Plus I have missed 3 days of good paying work due to the roads around my house being flooded and all types of hell Fay is bringing with it. The good news is at least I am alive, I am not stuck outside or at work, and so far my lights haven't gone out so I am able to watch TV (which is all about Fay) and do somethings online. This bitch better leave before this weekend, cause Targay is having an off tha chain back to school sale (printer, scanner, copier combo for $29) and I need to start getting ready for Janet. So to introduce What the Fcuk Friday, lets hope to say goodbye to Fay real soon...hold this hoe is trying to go out with a bang, now there are tornadoes being spotted around town. Pray for us here or whatever you do, just send some positive vibes, cause we are on our last nerve right now. And for those in town who are like fuck it and trying to go out for who knows what, this is for you:

Posted By: Peaches!

Please Note: The photos on this post came from and are taken around my neighborhood in Springfield and San Marco. For any of you who thought I got my happy black ass outside in that fuckary to snappy snap a photo, you really don't know me or skittles and need to start form square one.There have been already 7 deaths cause of Fay and my ass won't be number 8 if I can help it BooBoo!