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Monday, August 18, 2008

Man Up Monday: The Olympics!

Introducing the latest edition to Fierocia, Man Up Monday. Even though me and Skittles can be some big fierce queens, we indulge our straight side as well. I love football (Go Jags!), Hooters (And not just for the wings!), and we can watch Olympic men gymnastics without getting turned on (ok that's a big lie!). Some this little corner of the blog will be dedicated to our straight side, with a little gay touch. Well unless you are deaf and blind and live in a box you know the Olympics are on and running. Beijing has already shot it's self to the top of all Olympics games with it's mind blowing opening ceremonies and hasn't let up since. We have at least 10 broken world records a day, greats like Phelps with a historic 8 gold medals, The oldest female swimmer Tores working it, and US women giving it to China in gymnastic. But there has also been some painful surprises like the Williams sisters getting knocked out of tennis single gold chase, Tyson Gay getting his ass handed to him on the track, and Nastia being robbed of the gold in uneven bars. But the star of the Olympics so far has been Phelps, the merman, and his record breaking 8 gold medals, I just pray that 5 years from now we aren't looking like fools as he admits to using some type of illegal enhancement to win. I am counting down to Sunday when the closing ceremonies will no doubt end in a bang and usher in London 2012. So for those out there who are like fuck the medals and what about the hotness, here is just a taste of Olympic fire.

Posted By: Peaches!