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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Lunch with America's Next Top Model!

Okay this is my last post for the day! I must tell you about the thrill me and Skittles had yesterday at lunch. Well after shopping and getting ready for an evening of Olympics, which as stated in my first post was awesome, we went to eat at our favorite pizza spot Al's Pizza (which if you come to Jacksonville should be your first food stop!). We went to the Chic Phillips Highway location and ordered our BBQ Chicken pizza with bacon and extra cheese (and yes that shit is heaven!). Well as we were sitting I notice at the table next to us a beautiful women with her mom and sister eating pasta. I was like I know that is not who I think it is, it was Yoanna House, Jacksonville's first America's Next Top Model and Tyra's second winner. I just died, cause I loved her timeless beauty before I knew she was from Jacksonville and watched her on The look for less and my new obsession Queen Bees. So to be a mere couple feet from her was amazing. Skittles who wasn't as excited as me kept telling me if I think its her to talk to her. I decided to wait until she was leaving to talk to her because I had to introduce myself to her, but I didn't want to be rude and interrupt her meal with family. Mr. Jay and Tyra taught her well cause I couldn't help to notice how fierce she looked with her Chanel bag and kept her make up so fresh that I swore Miss Jay was about to pop out with Nigel and do a photo shoot. She represents Jacksonville fierocia with pride. So we she was ready I nervously introduced myself and she was soo nice and hit me with a wonderful surprise, she is pregnant and due in 2 weeks, so possible cycle 30 winner is 2 weeks away from Tyra!

Posted By: Peaches!

P.S. Some may ask why no photos from lunch, well one rule of being fierocia is not being ghetto and disrespecting people privacy. If I wasn't going to interrupt her by talking to her while eating, I wasn't going to just start a photo shoot instead. Next time I see her I will ask for a photo since we will be more familiar to her. I am not Perez Hilton bitches!